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We provide a standard of care to ensure that medications (including prescription, nonprescription, alternative, and traditional medications, as well as vitamins and nutritional supplements) are individually assessed to determine that each medication is appropriate for the patient, effective for the medical condition, safe given comorbidities and concurrent medication therapy, and can be taken by the patient as intended.




Chronic Care Management (CCM)

We provide services for Medicare beneficiaries with two or more chronic health conditions. Chronic Care Management services include five core activities:  

  1. Recording structured data in the patient’s health record;

  2. Maintaining a comprehensive care plan for each patient;

  3. Providing 24/7 access to care; 

  4.  Comprehensive care management; and

  5.  Transitional care management

This Service is provided with collaboration and contractual partnerships with qualified healthcare professionals ( primary care providers) to provide CCM services that are within their scope of practice.

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Diabetes Management


We assess patient’s readiness to change regarding medication use; the pharmacist also assesses the patient’s medication use, including how often they miss medications. A pharmacist determines the patient’s commitment to taking medications. If the patient is not committed to taking medications, the pharmacist assesses the patient’s readiness to change medication-taking behavior and takes steps to help the patient become motivated to taking medications. We Identify whether appropriate laboratory tests have been performed at the recommended interval.

HIV Testing and Care 


Our clinic will help in selecting individualized HIV treatment regimens, providing patient counseling, monitoring for treatment responses and adverse effects, evaluating regimens for potential drug–drug interactions, and identifying opportunities for regimen simplification.

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Medication Therapy Management (MTM)


MTM is an in-depth, medication-related education, consultation, and advice provided to patients, family and/or caregivers to help assure proper use of medications.

Patients who may benefit the most include individuals who have:

  • Experienced transitions of care

  • Changed medication regimens

  • Multiple chronic conditions or take multiple medications

  • A history of non-adherence

  • Limited health literacy

  • A desire to reduce healthcare costs

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Travel Clinic/ Immunization/Covid-19


Services provided by our clinics include:

  • travel health risk assessments

  • vaccinations, including yellow fever and meningitis

  • antimalarial medications and insect repellent products

  • travel health products, such as first aid kits, antidiarrheal medications and motion sickness prevention.


Wellness Testing

Point-of-care (POC) testing involves performing a diagnostic test outside of a laboratory that produces a reliable result rapidly to aid in disease screening, diagnosis, and/or patient monitoring.

Point-of-care allows for the screening and diagnostic process to be completed during a single encounter, thereby improving access to care, counseling, and patient outcomes.